Friday, June 28, 2013

Story of my lets create craft challenge

Hi Friends,

Challenges are a part of life and in crafting wining a challenge is your dream showcased.

I'm just learning about the challenge world and crating some thing based on a challenge is first time and i was super excited reading challenge in Facebook, and i wanted to badly participate.

it was my last week of notice in my current job and got loads of personal problems and had only 6 days for the challenge to end, and i was in a hurry to make something. At the same time my fiancee wanted something memorable to keep his stuffs and hence wanted to do some organizer in black, white and blue for him.

I decided to make the organiser and submit the same for the craft challenge too. But my bad luck as per rules black and white should be the only colors used so i changed the whole idea and color and created this organizer for him

Materials: I used rolled paper, black and white quilling stripes, paint, pearls, seeds, fevicol

Above pic is the front door... 

last Thursday i took the unfinished stuffs from Chennai back home so i can complete it on time. 

But got something up with my muscles and it was swollen on Friday and rushed to the doctor and had stripped band aid on it. I was under and impression that i cant participate and that its over.. 

Sunday Mom told try, don't give up, so i continued without giving pressure on my rite hand, and some how competed it before evening and submitted. 

had trouble in sending email as well, was feeling that the heaven's are against me participating the contest, but some how went thro before 9 AM Monday, and at last found out that the contest date has been extended to 30th, with broken heart i m happy. did my best and submitted so i can give my hand work before i can join my new work coming Wednesday 07/03

So these are the pics, 

I haven't given it to him yet, wanted the contest to finish before giving it to him.

Please do comment as to how this is.

Thank you!!



  1. Its wonderful Jeba ! Inspite of so many problems ,you have puled off a amazingly !All the Best for the challenge !