Sunday, June 2, 2013

Granny's footsteps in sewing

My grand mother is a great crafter with fabric.. the ideas she gets even in the age of 86 is amazing..

she walks all the way from her house to mine which is around one and half kilometer and comes to sew, last month she was working on a screen for a attic shelf... she used a new yellow cotton saree she got in government stores and stitched it. unfortunately could not click a picture of it as i dint have my camera.. Next time i go to my town will not forget to take a picture of it.. She's a amazing lady to talk with too.. she gives you information about different counties and cultures, which i personally would not have a clue about..

Love you grandma..

and here comes what i did.. she left some cutting of yellow fabric when she stitched the screen, i thought of using it for some thing and got an idea from a blogger, unfortunately dint not down her blog address and name to mention it here..( my apologies)

and stitched the below..

hope my sewing machine wasn't crying...

thanks for stopping by...

God bless

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