Thursday, September 20, 2012


I did this up cycled craft  from a calendar board , used colors to brighten it, and made a image of a Girl. Dint use the brush, used my fingers to give the shade, Thanks to the skin friendly acyrilic colors, then gave a coat of varnish for the shine and finish

Everything Paper

Just stacks of newspaper cut into thin stripes, just loving this paper art works.. keeps me busy in-spite of the temperature that i'm running on...

more quilled earing designs

J21: pink and blue

More quilled earing that i did for my friend Mace's sister. This pink one above is my favourite 

J-22 : yellow with multiple colors (black, red, green, blue)

J-23 : green and blue similar to that J-9

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

half way thro.. :)

Earlier in my pappeir bag post from august 24th i had mentioned that i am working on making a paper hang bag with paper beads, it's come so far 

My mum's been giving a helping hand in making the beads for me, m planning to finish it with a grey paint so it's durable too

Card for a friend

this hand made paper card was made for one of my friend. He was moving with his family to his new rented house in Hyderabad, just wanted to give him something to remember it

those cats are him and his wife

miniature flowers

this i made for decorating a gift box for a friend, If needed i can make loads of colors in them


more hand made paper earing










crafted wall poster

This is my best. I've been doing this for quite a few months in my busy schedule of work, house hold chores, guitar classes and many more. 

It took me months to collect stuffs too..

The Trees is just made of general stack of paper, i collected shells from Kanyakumari beach when i went with my friends, the sand from Besant nagar beach chennai, and the ship and the treasure box out of cardboard, it too a long time to dry thou. 

the special thing about this is i spent only for the glue and the varnish, rest all are collectibles from various places. 
the hills are made of egg shells, thanks to my mum who had collected them, cleaned then and dried them for me 

this poster hangs in my house, and my mum shows it to every one who visits that my daughter did it. she gets great pleasure in boasting about the stuffs that i do, thou it's just recycled stuffs. Love ya Mum :)

paper mache

This is made of paper mache, i used  a old bottle for the inside stability hand crafted this image using paper. Then added textured color to it with fingers just to give the broken tiled texture. I used colors like black, green, orange, blue, green to give it a rough finish.

Totally hand made, even the colors i applied it with my fingers :)

This is a view from the top, you can use it to keep real flowers (with water), but be cautious not to soak this in water as it might absorb water and spoil the finish

paper quilled earing

Here comes my paper Quilled collection that i did for my college exhibition, i'm gonna name them so in case some one needs the exact same model i can do it for them . FYI, i've used varnish for the finish, shine and for durability, but since it's paper it's just water resistant, please keep it away from water as much as you can 

J-1 : one of my friend Smriti helped me in making this, she made the green round quill and i just added the bead hanging to make it attractive :)

J-2: Oh man this took a lot of while to complete


J-4 : this is a lovely creation of my Friend Smriti

J-5 : Red and yellow earing with a pendant

J-6 : Thanks to my friend Smriti who helped me with this, i just added a bead in the center to give it a charm

J-7 : Yellow and brown earing with a pendant

J-8 : 

J-9 : Green and blue earing 



paper pendant, ribbon book mark

Hi namasthe,

While doing something was left over with some paper quilling shapes, was wondering wat to du?
and while reading my new novel Chocolate written by Joanne Harris i was in need of a book mark n made one with pink ribbons, it does not look that pretty but is very handy in using. It can be used to mark two pages at a time..

Whee i forgot to take a pic of it... 

Next time i do it, will take a pic of it with a book :)  : LOL

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A friend

I'm working on Quilled earing project.. will post them shortly.. just enjoying it, already made close to thousand selling them, enjoying people smile at it.. :LOL

Thanks Dhana for encouraging me and gave me this project to du.

Dhana is my school friend wu's a lecturer in AERI management department currently. she's a brainee at school, we used to envy her for her talents in speech and exams. I was called the last bench seater, cant forget those lovely days of play and fun.. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Interesting blogger's quilling

some interesting paper creations of various bloggers.. Love them, planning to make them all :)
Lovely butterfly made with beads and colorful paper

this one looks like a girl so cute

Love them

a basic design of paper quilling, look gorgeous 

White and black sun flower

this is damn cute, red earing

rain drops earing

I gottu learn this. Damn beautie it s

roller coaster with paper roller

Oh my god this is cute, i gottu make them

this blogger has great patience to du it, loving it

this one is cute, not sure if it'll last for long, but beautiful