Monday, June 3, 2013

Need help

Hi Blogger friends,

Need your help in explaining me some stuffs about Crafting challenges. I'm excited to showcase my projects but not sure how to do it the rite way.

I've come across several blog that enter their crafts in different challenges.

I tried myself too for the last two crafts that i did with paper, to learn it with trial and error but guess it's not working out as it's taking too much of my little spare time I get after work. I've been crazily searing for challenges that i can work on and want to find better ways to know how to find the rite challenge to enter your craft. Please help me by explaining how you guys find challenges that matches your craft..

Thanks a bunch in advance for helping.



  1. Follow feline playful here is the link
    Once you make a project search its list and find the challenges which fit.follow them.Other option is to use a blog list widget(As I have done in my blogs side bar) and add challenge blog links to it you can easily scroll through it and find challenge and their theme.Hope this was helpful.

    1. Thanks a bunch for helping me out.. that was great and helpful, m so excited and looking forward to on more stuffs...

  2. Hi jeba,
    Pooja was right follow feline playful blog it will help u definitely..