Saturday, March 31, 2012


Cut some heart shapes adn stuch it one side on the other heart

Connected 3 hearts so and made it look like 3D

Added a ribbon to it.

Thats it!!

polythene Flower

Made of Yellow Polythene paper cut into floret shapes and attached to a stick.. :)
Simple.. ;)

My craft

Miii Kutti craft with Crib paper

Just rolled up the crushed paper around a stich and stuck it with Glue..

guess it's cool to do some small fuzzy decorations

Eeeeeeee :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012


He sent me smiles,
he sent me gifts,
he sent me surprises
he send me pain
he sent me heart aches
he sent me tears of love and hatred too
but dint expect you'll sent me this
at last you sent me a break up card..

Longing for the U back..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

in Him

Always wanted to be the most remembered in his dream, 

and the always wanted in his days..

Baby Boy..

Baby hold me tight
that i'll never let you go..
and always taste your kisses of care
and remind myself, m your
only favourite girl..
when i see you loving me more and more
my tears fall but rise again
with glory of your warm love..
Your sweetned smile makes me
a special person in this world...
but wondering why those thuds
of your heart, suddenly left me to drain
in those hollow drenches of pain..
i find myself missing in this world Baby
Please return your thuds back in my heart
that i'll feel whole again..
Baby need your presence...
Baby i always want you to mesmerize me with your surprises
 I want you to me trip me ofo my feet with you overwelming care
Ohh, baby where are you.. 
Please come back...