Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rag rub

Still in the process of setting up our new house, and hence thought will share a old craft that was done by my mother with my little supervision.

Hugs, Jeba

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Yet another bottle

 Yet another recycled bottle craft. I'm obsessed in doing this. This time I recycled a nail polish remover bottle. Dint have the patience to wait till the liquid in it to be over. (Painted it with the contents)

 Unfortunately my craft varnish id not working out the pearl acrylic colors(fevikryl) that i used. the paint is changing colors and hence i had to repaint it and skipped the varnish step. Hope it lasts with out the varnish.

 I'm traveling tomorrow and wont be a able to post for few days until i get settled down with my husband in UAE. Excited with the travel alone to a  new country. It's my first time outside India. :)

Hugs, Jeba

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wollen bird

 I'm in love with Pinterest and the crafters who try out different stuffs. I came across a post of a lady (I forgot to take down her name) who had done lovely birds using wool. Inspired by her tutorial (that i took a photo) I tried this little birdo. :)

Hugs, Jeba

Monday, November 24, 2014

ribbon flower and crotchet doll

Ribbon flower and a small crotchet bear(size 11cm) that i made couple of days back. Since I dint have anything to share today sharing this with you guys.

Hugs, Jeba

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Doodle Bottle art

Another Doddle bottle art that i did recycling a jam bottle..

 This art is getting me excited, I am craving to do more.

 Giving this as a parting gift for my grandmother as I am about to fly abroad in few days. Hope she likes it.

Hugs, Jeba

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's our day...

One year down hubby boy and we are a year old as Husband and Wife,

I might have never expressed myself completely to you,

and today my right knee is down in front of you

to ask you arms to lead me till i die

with the same love and care that

you had shown me from the time you started loving me years back

To the 5 years of your love I give myself...

                                           Love you my Daarling..

I've been making this for you, to tell "My love for you is till the moon and back"

I am sorry that I am personally not around to give you this.. .

Lots of Virtual hugs to you..
Love you Babu,


Monday, November 17, 2014

Bottle painting

 Good Morning World..

Happy to display my new craft, and I'm thankful to Meenakshi Designs for their lovely art that inspired me to do this.

First I forced my Mom to empty a half filled honey bottle into some other container and give me the empty bottle. Cleaned it and dried it in Sun for some time, and then started the painting.

 I used 3D out liner, Acrylic Colors, and 3D glitter Glue. Painted the acrylic colors first, followed by the out-liners and glue. Thought I'll varnish them for a shine but it dint work out well rather started to look messy.

I've seen some Christmas Bottle art on Pinterest (see my board) Could not wait to try it with lights, even before the paint was dry i tried on the lights and hurrah I'm all excited and waiting for Christmas to come already.

Please share in our valuable feedback so i may improve and follow my blog if you like it.

Thank you and happy blogging. :)

Edit: 22/11/14
My mother is a coin collector hence cut open the bottle cap and changed it into a coin bottle.. ;) (not skilled enough to do it neatly, got to find a way to hide the dents.)

Hugs, Jeba

Foot shaped rag rug

 Rag Rugg in the shape of a foot :)

I've been a Crafter for a while now and have been updating my crafts on this blog, but never followed any proper display methods. Inspired by Dr.Sonia's way of displaying her items and her explanations, I started clicking pictures of my work in progress too. Here I go with my steps of making this Rag rug.. 

Steps to make it: 
    1. Take a waste cloth ( I used a old saree) and cut or tear it into thin long stripes and roll it on a stick and keep it ready.

     2. I used a 2.4mm crochet needle to make them, any needle of your desired large size will do for this rag.

     3.  Start with a Circle like the one below. You can follow the same pattern that we normally use to do a woolen crotchet. Please see this link " How to " to know how to do a circle rag rug

        4. Stop the circle rotate the work and start your stitches to a count of 15 stitches and then again rotate your work and come back wards and do 17 stitches by adding 2 stitches in the first and last stitch. (see pattern in paper), and continue till you get the shape of a foot.

           5. Then make small circles of varying sizes based on the toe sizes that you want.

          6. Start joining them one by one using a needle and thread (of the same color like the rag), or if you have a bigger needle you can use the rag itself to join it. And there you go your rag rug is ready.

Note that If you use more than one colored rags (I have used patterns of blue and grey) your rag will turn out to be more colorful and attractive.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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Hugs, Jeba

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Paper Weaving

I always wanted to try weaving, tried it couple of times and it was a mess. After several tries came out to some extent

  the weaves are not even but some how got the shape ;) will be trying till i get the correct weave pattern

Hugs, Jeba

Friday, November 14, 2014

recycled bottle flowers

Recycled Bottle craft one of my best likings along with a little of salt art that I'm trying for the first time.. :)

Hugs, Jeba

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Recycled CD Box

Mom says I'm a nerd and that i don't throw out any stuffs so easily and preserve them for no reason. I've got a reason now to have preserved this old CD holder box, and she's happy to see the out come of it when some colors, glue, quilling and my time was added to it, and there it becomes a Gift for a dear friend..

Hugs, Jeba