Friday, December 26, 2014


Jingle bells Jingle bells jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to ride on that one horse open slide...

My Newspaper weaved christmas tree.. Thank you to the crafter who gave me this idea, (sorry that I lost the paper in which i noted down her details).

The recycled Powder bottle and glue bottle turns into my snow men for christmas..

this little dancing girl skirt i cut out of paper, her head is made of styrofoam cuttings, and her body is made of tooth pics tied and wrapped in a white polythene strips..

I got this panda in a store in RAK mall, UAE.

Hope you all had a great christmas, and blessings form Jeba for a fabulous year ahead..

God bless...

Hugs, Jeba

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wall Decor and Art

A beautiful dream land than we want to be present is our house, and when this walled paradise can be decorated with your own imagination that flutters and shares joy to all the corners. And its the most beautiful thing that we can find on this earth...

Below are the pictures of the four walled paradise that i got a chance to decorate...

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Hugs, Jeba

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Newspaper weaving

 Another basket weaving try of mine, Im enjoying doing this in my lonely time during the day.. Me and hubby had to go for a friends first anniversary surprise party and dint get the chance to really go buy gifts for them, so i filled it up with some chocolates and wrapped in a polythene cover an gifted them to find all happy faced couple.. :)

Happy holidays all of you.. God bless and thank you for stopping by my blog..
Hugs, Jeba

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

dry orange flowers

anything converted into flowers looks great and start to spread the blossom of happiness so did my orange peel flowers.. :) loving it..

Hugs, Jeba

Sunday, December 14, 2014


     At last I got a proper internet set up at this new place and opened my blog after several days expecting some comments on my works. Unfortunately I was struck with a great disappointment. Guess My recent works were annoying.
     Thou it may be annoying, the only place I find peace is with my crafts and I use this blog to preserve it to my self for my old age when I would like to review my works and see what I have actually achieved. Hence no comments or views has not really affected me, and I am moving on.

    Next to my beautiful mother and brother, I missed quilling the most in this place, and here's my little vehicle that I made to decorate my kitchen Microwave table.

Also adding the images of the basket that i successfully weaved correctly after several tries and my husband is all smiles seeing it.

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Hugs, Jeba

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

crotchet doll

Hello crafters who stop by my blog. A very good day to you, and god bless you!!

I haven't gotten around this place to look for supplies to keep me busy, and my husband is busy with work hence still with in my house walls, and thought will share a craft that i did before starting from India.

A crotched doll. I dint follow any charts or patterns, just tried this out of my own interests and completed it with in 3days. Face looks a bit ugly, but its my first doll so really happy to share.

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Thank you and Hugs, Jeba