Friday, February 8, 2013

Egg Shell craft


clucking and swirling near my feat are you
with your partner crowing near my ears at dawn
to start a pleasant day with a song
and thou presented your kid hidden safe inside a sack of white
rather that preserving it for life time
i cracked it and created a flat surface of craft.. :)

Hi Friends,
I had a old metal box (around 12*12cms wide) and my mother had baked and preserved some egg shells thinking i might have some idea for crafts on that too.. she wanted me to do some quilling on it. I'm working on it, mean while some of the shells broke and hence i did the below to utilize it and mommy had a huge smile seeing its outcome...
 I used the normal white glue to stick it on the metal lid.. used the same to coat it..

cheap upcycle crafting its gets me excited to decorate my surroundings with all these.. hope you liked it. Do comment your feedback.

Take care!!
God Bless!!

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