Monday, March 18, 2013

Quilled earings

Below are some more models of quilled earings that i made



Quilled red and white hear Earing and pendant set

Brown and White Quilled Earing




Red and White triangle Quilled Earing



Heart Quilled Earing









Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wierd Upcycle :)

You wont believe what this is!!

I picked up Sidney Seldons after the darkness book from a second hand store along with some more books. When i reached home and reviewed it some pages were missing actually around 100 pages were missing, and since i picked it up for a cheap rate, i dint want to risk spending for the travel and going all the way to Central (the place were i picked it) to exchange it. More over i wasn't sure if he would replace it for me so i decided to up cycle it!!

 i folded all the left over pages and cut it i the shape of a hut and sketched a heart and wrote all wierd quotes in all it pages..
 this is how it looks, forgot to click a picture of the writing i wrote inside each page :LOL

And there we go the hut shaped letter book was ready and i gifted it to a dear one :LOL

Monday, March 11, 2013

Parveen's birthday Present

Had a fantastic day in hostel.. it was parveen's birthday and around 11pm the previous night me and Raji made this card.. it was'nt a great card thought, yet was the best we could do in that sleepy state..

had a blast surprise at 12 and then a sleep over in her room with loads of happiness..

wish ever day was a surprise this way!!

Luv U Paru.. God Bless You!!

My doll dress

Tinnie tiny colors on my frock,
flowers blooms to decorate my frills
she ties it around my waist
and pins it on my back
and colors my plastic cheeks
with blushes and colors
and keeps me close to her
by her bed side...
- My Doll

sings these for me as i stitch these and decorate

Hope its good!!

EEE.. these were for the doll that i used when i was a kid, might be when i was 3 years old

My mom still has that doll preserved and i stitched these for her :)

God Bless!!