Monday, September 9, 2013

Egg shells recycled

It's been a while on my blog... I crashed my laptop and hence not able to post the stuffs I'm doing.

Decided to try it on my smart phone itself.. ;)

I made these Christmas hangings recycling egg shells.
I used quillin technique to fill the hole on the shell and linked it to thread

Please comment as to what you feel about this

Friday, July 5, 2013

daily notes...

Hi friends,

I Joined a new organisation named premedia global this Wednesday. Was a bit nervous initially as I was worried about my career. New place nd it would have a lot of challenges and misunderstandings so was hesitant in talking too.
But found smilling faces all around and felt a wave of encouragement around me and here it goes I'm getting ready now for my 4th day of work now with all happiness...

This is what I did to my daily note.. The roses give a charming smile each time I look at them and filled my soul with happiness

Friday, June 28, 2013

Story of my lets create craft challenge

Hi Friends,

Challenges are a part of life and in crafting wining a challenge is your dream showcased.

I'm just learning about the challenge world and crating some thing based on a challenge is first time and i was super excited reading challenge in Facebook, and i wanted to badly participate.

it was my last week of notice in my current job and got loads of personal problems and had only 6 days for the challenge to end, and i was in a hurry to make something. At the same time my fiancee wanted something memorable to keep his stuffs and hence wanted to do some organizer in black, white and blue for him.

I decided to make the organiser and submit the same for the craft challenge too. But my bad luck as per rules black and white should be the only colors used so i changed the whole idea and color and created this organizer for him

Materials: I used rolled paper, black and white quilling stripes, paint, pearls, seeds, fevicol

Above pic is the front door... 

last Thursday i took the unfinished stuffs from Chennai back home so i can complete it on time. 

But got something up with my muscles and it was swollen on Friday and rushed to the doctor and had stripped band aid on it. I was under and impression that i cant participate and that its over.. 

Sunday Mom told try, don't give up, so i continued without giving pressure on my rite hand, and some how competed it before evening and submitted. 

had trouble in sending email as well, was feeling that the heaven's are against me participating the contest, but some how went thro before 9 AM Monday, and at last found out that the contest date has been extended to 30th, with broken heart i m happy. did my best and submitted so i can give my hand work before i can join my new work coming Wednesday 07/03

So these are the pics, 

I haven't given it to him yet, wanted the contest to finish before giving it to him.

Please do comment as to how this is.

Thank you!!


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quilled Dollie frame done

Hi guys,

just got a chance to post the frame that i completed

i used some brown paint and silver pain to give it a finish, also used some black glitters to add to it

Please do comment as to how it is,,

God bless

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hi friends,

The first big quilling picture that I am working on. I'm excited to share every stage it went thro

Need a lot of patience to do projects like this, and I appreciate all bloggers who patiently quill. Thanks guys for all your works that has encouraged me to do this.

i m reusing a cardboard for the base background and a printout of a girl and gonna quill

Date : 02/10/2013

Dated : 02/30/2013 I'm very slow in doing it, some times i feel i should give up as i m not finding time to sit and quill.. Not leaving hope thou i want to complete it.. 

Dated : 03/2/2013  Guess there's little bit progress. My hostel friend Raji and Parveen are too excited to see the out come that they are encouraging me daily to do it. Thanks Guys

Dated : 05/20/2013 A lot time no progress. I almost left it in the attic. Just realized that i had unfinished tasks to complete. Sat and finished it almost. 
My water paint showed me signs that it's old and time to replace. the pink color came out sick, guess i should have tried it in a rough paper before applying it on this. 

I'm impressed with this work. It came out well, only the pink color for her face dint match, i should have selected a better color

Raji jumped with Joy looking at the roses, she loved them like crazy... Me too. I'm impressed with my creation. Thank you Lord for blessing me..

I gave a golden finish to her hair to make it realistic, dint want to do anything with the eyes and spoil the whole picture so left it 

Dated : 06/03/2013 too much of work. I'm getting relieved from my job and hence training, documentation and extra work. It's tedious, not even able to finish this to post. I have to work on the outer frame so this is preserved. Wanted to do something that is also paper.. 
Lets see what idea i m gonna get for it.. 

Dated : 06/05/2013

I used a red and white cotton fabric to cover the cardboard box that i used as frame
stuck them with glue all over
 for the front view i starting filling more of rolled up A4 used sheet paper and stuck them in the below pattern.. not sure how the out come will be...
 and to preserve the quilling u user Projector OHP sheet coz i could not get a better transparent sheet nearby
 this is how it is looking as of now...
lets see what awaits tomorrow..

Dated : 06/11/2013
it took couple of days and a lot of patience to roll the paper,, :( but at last it's done friends, dint get a chance to click a picture...

will post it sooner..


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Recycled Toilet tissue roll


there come an inspiration by fellow bloggers.. Love You Guys

I was watching pinterest pictures for making recycled boxes to pack my earings and found this amazing idea

Collected some toilet rolls from office and made them. I liked them all ....

God bless,


Hei Friends,

I made these little brown birds a long time back for a friend who was so dear, missed him a lot today so wanted to share..

made some more earings this week for friends... Hope they'll like them..






Monday, June 3, 2013

Recycled bookmark

For you my dear paper...

i scribble, scramble, cut you
and roll you into shapes
yet you shoulder me when I'm alone
I shed tears on you,
I tear you into pieces when I'm angry
throw you into the sky with happiness
yet you stay with me as my best friend
You are the greatest companion I've had
you don't utter a word back
even when you are hurt
I'm thankful to God
for a word filled with you
wish you last for ever
till this universe comes to an End

My prayers....

Hei guys these words i wrote for my Best ever friend Paper.. he's a gift from god and hugs for him...

I made a small recycled book mark out of junk..It was fun making it...

used the white plastic sheet out of a tag from a new jean,  the brown wood finish paper was a scrap from another craft, brown 3D outliner pen was also left over from another project and you will be surprised to know what those brown seeds are..

dont curse me after knowing it..

it's grape seeds.. yea i reused the grape seeds from the black grapes that i ate 2 days back, washed it, sun dried it and stuck them as flowers.. uhhhh?

don show that hard face.. just ways to use anything around me in craft with some glittery center...

hope you liked this..
do comment your views..

entering this in the below ....

4 Crafty Chicks Crazy Egg Challenge #144 Recycle

Anything But a Card Challenges - CHALLENGE #20


Need help

Hi Blogger friends,

Need your help in explaining me some stuffs about Crafting challenges. I'm excited to showcase my projects but not sure how to do it the rite way.

I've come across several blog that enter their crafts in different challenges.

I tried myself too for the last two crafts that i did with paper, to learn it with trial and error but guess it's not working out as it's taking too much of my little spare time I get after work. I've been crazily searing for challenges that i can work on and want to find better ways to know how to find the rite challenge to enter your craft. Please help me by explaining how you guys find challenges that matches your craft..

Thanks a bunch in advance for helping.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Granny's footsteps in sewing

My grand mother is a great crafter with fabric.. the ideas she gets even in the age of 86 is amazing..

she walks all the way from her house to mine which is around one and half kilometer and comes to sew, last month she was working on a screen for a attic shelf... she used a new yellow cotton saree she got in government stores and stitched it. unfortunately could not click a picture of it as i dint have my camera.. Next time i go to my town will not forget to take a picture of it.. She's a amazing lady to talk with too.. she gives you information about different counties and cultures, which i personally would not have a clue about..

Love you grandma..

and here comes what i did.. she left some cutting of yellow fabric when she stitched the screen, i thought of using it for some thing and got an idea from a blogger, unfortunately dint not down her blog address and name to mention it here..( my apologies)

and stitched the below..

hope my sewing machine wasn't crying...

thanks for stopping by...

God bless