Thursday, November 8, 2012


The festival of colors and light:
Depavali is not only the festive of colors and light but also a time for loads of sweets and happiness. Thou it’s a Hindu festival, I remember my childhood days were me and lot of girls in my neighbourhood used to join together the night before diwali and decorate the streets with beautiul Rangoli and flowers.
The whole week we used to burst crackers during the day and in the night light our houses bright, and wait for the sweets from friends.
On the day of diwili my house used to be filled with sweets from all the neighbourhood houses and friends and I cant forget those days were I used to stuff myself with jamoons and muruku..
Oh my God I cant wait to go back home for Diwali.
This are the miniature Diwali lamps I made for Preethi for her first Diwali with her Husband

And this I made for my Best buddy for his first Diwali.

Hope u both have a great Diwili with your Family and Friends..

Sunday, November 4, 2012

One of the best i've ever seen

I must be dreaming..
But m not..

the smell of the flapping deafens my ears,
and the colors of the feathers are stuck to my shirt
Looking at the unique creation in front of my eyes.
Great are you Yulia, and thanks to thine imagination
the detailing surrounds me with pigeons

this picture in a website took me off guard..

That's the link in which i found it.. Please have a look at it..

Oh My God, i don't have words to say how i feel looking at it, in Simple it's THE BEST..

Great Work  Yulia Brodskaya.. God Bless

I couldn't comment in the website, and hence i've added it to my blog to comment on her detailing in Quilling

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Todayz special

Granny's gift

My grand mother celebrated her 87th birthday on 31st and this is the pot that i painted for her. 

She once gave me model of a pot that her neighbor got from Kerala and wanted me to do one like that. 
Here Granny for you :)

Love you

A gift for Princess


The talented Chess master My kutti Friend Ann Dsouza's Birthday Gift. 

I made them in paper.. hope it looks like chess pieces, dint have a board to keep it on.. Gottu make one next :)

After a long struggle found a way to make Horses. I would say they weren't that complicated but yet took a lot of time 

it's the Bishops

the Rooks

the King and the Queen i couldn't make a proper crown as the paper's were falling off and not sticking properly. should say i dint have time to patiently do it. the Viral had made me bedridden for few days and Lo the birthday came and so i was in a hurry

Just scrap paper, guess it looks nice... 

My friend Tanya came and picked me up from work and we gave a surprise to Ann. She was so surprised to see me and the chess pieces. I was filled with joy when i heard her telling about the chess and how i made to all her cousins and friends. 

and not to forget the roses i made for her


Had a great time and loads of food with her and her family. 

Happy Birthday Ann our Kutti Princess