Monday, June 30, 2014

Fabric flower box

Hi Fellow bloggers and friends,

Pregnancy has got me stagnated indoors and wailing away time is the hardest.

I started recycling all old stuffs into something that pleases me to pass the lonely day. Please send in your feedbacks  which would make my day..

Hugs, Jeba

Owl Pillow

Fabric Pillow that i tried inspired Pinterest posts..

Hugs, Jeba

Ribbon roses

Ribbon roses that i tried..

Hugs, Jeba

Monday, June 16, 2014

3D origami Swan

 Hi fellow bloggers,

Excited to share my first  3D Origami Swan inspired by one of my fellow Origami Specialist Constanta Dima...

Unfortunately for some reason i m not able to rotate and save these pics..

Please update me how these are... :)

Hugs, Jeba

My Clicks..

Hugs, Jeba

Maize flower..

Maize leaves flower that i made.. :)

Hugs, Jeba

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Juli....

When i was 2 yrs old i used to crib my parents to get the doll
that my cousin used to have (she was few months younger to me :LOL)

they searched and searched but could not locate the similar
hence got me a different one that satisfied me and i named her Julie

I used to bathe with her, sleep with her and
nearly do all activities hand in hand with her

I grew and Gradually Julie lost her hair, her color and her cuteness
and i threw her in junk
yet preserved it like a diamond all these years

Now that i am going to be mother myself,
wanted the best memorie for the growing young
so decorated Julie back to normal as much as i could..

Tried fixing her hair with some nylon threads, and sewed her a dress and flowers too..
hope my little laadla does not get scared when he/she is born.. :LOL

Hugs, Jeba


 More flowers of fabric and felt on its way... :)

Hugs, Jeba

Recycled bag.... :)

 Last birthday surrounded with new and dear friends
i had celebrated my birthday with cake and gifts

One such gift was a big blue glittery hang bag

within in few uses the glitters on her
started to worn out and she looked liked a rugged rag

Not wanting the throw her away
I recycled her with fabric and flowers..

Hope you like it..

Post your valuable comments...

Hugs, Jeba

Ribbon flowers

 flowers express love and permanent flowers help to save these memories for a life time.
so are these ribbon flowers made to express my friendship for you.....

Made these flowers to be a gift name tag for a neighbors wedding.. :)

Hugs, Jeba

Quilled Piggy and sheep

After a while i've started with quilling again..

Hope this looks good.. please post your comments,

Hugs, Jeba