Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hi friends,

The first big quilling picture that I am working on. I'm excited to share every stage it went thro

Need a lot of patience to do projects like this, and I appreciate all bloggers who patiently quill. Thanks guys for all your works that has encouraged me to do this.

i m reusing a cardboard for the base background and a printout of a girl and gonna quill

Date : 02/10/2013

Dated : 02/30/2013 I'm very slow in doing it, some times i feel i should give up as i m not finding time to sit and quill.. Not leaving hope thou i want to complete it.. 

Dated : 03/2/2013  Guess there's little bit progress. My hostel friend Raji and Parveen are too excited to see the out come that they are encouraging me daily to do it. Thanks Guys

Dated : 05/20/2013 A lot time no progress. I almost left it in the attic. Just realized that i had unfinished tasks to complete. Sat and finished it almost. 
My water paint showed me signs that it's old and time to replace. the pink color came out sick, guess i should have tried it in a rough paper before applying it on this. 

I'm impressed with this work. It came out well, only the pink color for her face dint match, i should have selected a better color

Raji jumped with Joy looking at the roses, she loved them like crazy... Me too. I'm impressed with my creation. Thank you Lord for blessing me..

I gave a golden finish to her hair to make it realistic, dint want to do anything with the eyes and spoil the whole picture so left it 

Dated : 06/03/2013 too much of work. I'm getting relieved from my job and hence training, documentation and extra work. It's tedious, not even able to finish this to post. I have to work on the outer frame so this is preserved. Wanted to do something that is also paper.. 
Lets see what idea i m gonna get for it.. 

Dated : 06/05/2013

I used a red and white cotton fabric to cover the cardboard box that i used as frame
stuck them with glue all over
 for the front view i starting filling more of rolled up A4 used sheet paper and stuck them in the below pattern.. not sure how the out come will be...
 and to preserve the quilling u user Projector OHP sheet coz i could not get a better transparent sheet nearby
 this is how it is looking as of now...
lets see what awaits tomorrow..

Dated : 06/11/2013
it took couple of days and a lot of patience to roll the paper,, :( but at last it's done friends, dint get a chance to click a picture...

will post it sooner..



  1. It looks simply great ! Hats off to your patience...I really want to try my hand at quilling :)

    1. Thanks Reni..

      Quilling is great, it gives u confidence to mold anything u want with paper. All the best with it.. Have fun and God bless your works..


  2. This is amazing !Lot of patience ans consistent hard-work..and it shows finally.I loved the frame idea and OHP sheet to.I just loved how you have quilled the entire picture part by part and the hair part looks fab !

  3. what an amazing work u did..just now i started my quilling process that time u giving me such a nice idea to make a big picture ...so it comes under my to do list..

    1. Thanks Anu, and best of luck with your quilling. You'll have fun..