Wednesday, September 19, 2012

paper quilled earing

Here comes my paper Quilled collection that i did for my college exhibition, i'm gonna name them so in case some one needs the exact same model i can do it for them . FYI, i've used varnish for the finish, shine and for durability, but since it's paper it's just water resistant, please keep it away from water as much as you can 

J-1 : one of my friend Smriti helped me in making this, she made the green round quill and i just added the bead hanging to make it attractive :)

J-2: Oh man this took a lot of while to complete


J-4 : this is a lovely creation of my Friend Smriti

J-5 : Red and yellow earing with a pendant

J-6 : Thanks to my friend Smriti who helped me with this, i just added a bead in the center to give it a charm

J-7 : Yellow and brown earing with a pendant

J-8 : 

J-9 : Green and blue earing 



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