Wednesday, September 19, 2012

crafted wall poster

This is my best. I've been doing this for quite a few months in my busy schedule of work, house hold chores, guitar classes and many more. 

It took me months to collect stuffs too..

The Trees is just made of general stack of paper, i collected shells from Kanyakumari beach when i went with my friends, the sand from Besant nagar beach chennai, and the ship and the treasure box out of cardboard, it too a long time to dry thou. 

the special thing about this is i spent only for the glue and the varnish, rest all are collectibles from various places. 
the hills are made of egg shells, thanks to my mum who had collected them, cleaned then and dried them for me 

this poster hangs in my house, and my mum shows it to every one who visits that my daughter did it. she gets great pleasure in boasting about the stuffs that i do, thou it's just recycled stuffs. Love ya Mum :)

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