Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My paper works

I made some Purple flowers for making some  jwellery but it came out big so i couldnt use it hence made it a miniature flower pot out of it, like the texture that i made in the pot :) 
used hot glue gun and made some wierd texture on it, and used the normal green oil paint to color it

This yellow dwarf, i made it with Paper mache, used paper clips for the legs, used coral Yellow for his skin, he looks ugly thou :lol

A pink tweet made from paper mache and use the same pink coral for her skin.

This scary black man is made of paper mache, used craft clay to make his ugly mouth and horns

Yellow paper mache doll, used some chick feathers that i got from the recyled shop

I like his glasses that i made of red paper. It took a while to do it :(

to give him a finish and the shine i used colorless varnish, and Blue coral beneath it

My prettiest tweet.. i like this the most

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