Monday, November 3, 2014

Nasty little thing..

Oh my,

Curious to learn a new craft, i searched online and found a recipe on You tube to make Air Dry clay and tried it cant believe the outcome.

Baby Oil,
corn starch

With in a minute the material got stuck to the vessel that i using to heat the ingredients and i had to scrape them off and tried kneading for some time, and there you go the OUTCOME

I just tried to make a star and few shapes to see if its drying properly. 30 minutes past now and the stuff is curling inwards not sure why.. Lets see after few hours what a horrible work i've done :(

Hugs, Jeba


  1. I was never sure of the recipes requiring the cooking so have not tried it. If you have an oven you can try salt dough...its worked out well for me over the years.Here is the link :
    salt dough tutorial

    1. The recipe I came across was an "Air dry porcelain clay " technique found on this link "" I don't have an oven hence tried this. I think i added very little baby oil and water and hence the dough very think and stuck to the vessel, I'm going to try again and will keep you posted.

      Thank you for visiting my blog