Monday, November 17, 2014

Foot shaped rag rug

 Rag Rugg in the shape of a foot :)

I've been a Crafter for a while now and have been updating my crafts on this blog, but never followed any proper display methods. Inspired by Dr.Sonia's way of displaying her items and her explanations, I started clicking pictures of my work in progress too. Here I go with my steps of making this Rag rug.. 

Steps to make it: 
    1. Take a waste cloth ( I used a old saree) and cut or tear it into thin long stripes and roll it on a stick and keep it ready.

     2. I used a 2.4mm crochet needle to make them, any needle of your desired large size will do for this rag.

     3.  Start with a Circle like the one below. You can follow the same pattern that we normally use to do a woolen crotchet. Please see this link " How to " to know how to do a circle rag rug

        4. Stop the circle rotate the work and start your stitches to a count of 15 stitches and then again rotate your work and come back wards and do 17 stitches by adding 2 stitches in the first and last stitch. (see pattern in paper), and continue till you get the shape of a foot.

           5. Then make small circles of varying sizes based on the toe sizes that you want.

          6. Start joining them one by one using a needle and thread (of the same color like the rag), or if you have a bigger needle you can use the rag itself to join it. And there you go your rag rug is ready.

Note that If you use more than one colored rags (I have used patterns of blue and grey) your rag will turn out to be more colorful and attractive.

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  1. Oh made my heart go pitter sweet of you to link to me like that...sending you a big virtual hug!! And wow surely have tons of patience to have made such a beautiful shaped rug.I once attempted one of these many years ago and its still lying unfinished in an old bag!!

    1. My pleasure Dr.Sonia. Your blog is my inspiration now, I keep checking it daily, as your works fill me up with Joy, that i zoom it several times to watch even the minute detailing. You are simple great.