Monday, November 17, 2014

Bottle painting

 Good Morning World..

Happy to display my new craft, and I'm thankful to Meenakshi Designs for their lovely art that inspired me to do this.

First I forced my Mom to empty a half filled honey bottle into some other container and give me the empty bottle. Cleaned it and dried it in Sun for some time, and then started the painting.

 I used 3D out liner, Acrylic Colors, and 3D glitter Glue. Painted the acrylic colors first, followed by the out-liners and glue. Thought I'll varnish them for a shine but it dint work out well rather started to look messy.

I've seen some Christmas Bottle art on Pinterest (see my board) Could not wait to try it with lights, even before the paint was dry i tried on the lights and hurrah I'm all excited and waiting for Christmas to come already.

Please share in our valuable feedback so i may improve and follow my blog if you like it.

Thank you and happy blogging. :)

Edit: 22/11/14
My mother is a coin collector hence cut open the bottle cap and changed it into a coin bottle.. ;) (not skilled enough to do it neatly, got to find a way to hide the dents.)

Hugs, Jeba