Monday, January 19, 2015

Polythene Recycling

Recycling has become a part of me these days to fight the lonely time out, and I've been working on Polythene bags for few days. all you need to start off this craft is :

Easy rite!!

Make sure to have loads of these covers and choose a crotchet pin that is easy for you to handle, size doesn't matter. Cut these Polythene bags into thin strips of 2 or 3 cm thick based on the thickness of the cover. If you use 2 cm its best as you don't have to struggle while crotcheting,

Then all you need is loads of patience and beginner skills of crotcheting. Start with a circle and keep on crotcheting untill the mat reaches the size that you want.

This is the one that I completed today. It took me few days with it because I was lazy.

This can be used as rug(It might slip on a tiled floor so be careful), vegetable cutting mat, or to place food on your tablet. I tried almost all ways and it looks lovely.

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Hugs, Jeba

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