Thursday, November 8, 2012


The festival of colors and light:
Depavali is not only the festive of colors and light but also a time for loads of sweets and happiness. Thou it’s a Hindu festival, I remember my childhood days were me and lot of girls in my neighbourhood used to join together the night before diwali and decorate the streets with beautiul Rangoli and flowers.
The whole week we used to burst crackers during the day and in the night light our houses bright, and wait for the sweets from friends.
On the day of diwili my house used to be filled with sweets from all the neighbourhood houses and friends and I cant forget those days were I used to stuff myself with jamoons and muruku..
Oh my God I cant wait to go back home for Diwali.
This are the miniature Diwali lamps I made for Preethi for her first Diwali with her Husband

And this I made for my Best buddy for his first Diwali.

Hope u both have a great Diwili with your Family and Friends..

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