Saturday, November 3, 2012

A gift for Princess


The talented Chess master My kutti Friend Ann Dsouza's Birthday Gift. 

I made them in paper.. hope it looks like chess pieces, dint have a board to keep it on.. Gottu make one next :)

After a long struggle found a way to make Horses. I would say they weren't that complicated but yet took a lot of time 

it's the Bishops

the Rooks

the King and the Queen i couldn't make a proper crown as the paper's were falling off and not sticking properly. should say i dint have time to patiently do it. the Viral had made me bedridden for few days and Lo the birthday came and so i was in a hurry

Just scrap paper, guess it looks nice... 

My friend Tanya came and picked me up from work and we gave a surprise to Ann. She was so surprised to see me and the chess pieces. I was filled with joy when i heard her telling about the chess and how i made to all her cousins and friends. 

and not to forget the roses i made for her


Had a great time and loads of food with her and her family. 

Happy Birthday Ann our Kutti Princess