Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Office Fun

On 29th October 2011 we had a fun friday at work, were in we had to decorate our work space with a theme. 

It happened log time back, but couldn't take the fun we had off my mind so thought will share those pics 

Me and my friend Tanya had selected a forest theme and made this..

that's the pic from a top angel to show the whole view of our workspace

this was the moniter which we made of crushed newspaper  and painted them to look like a rock, and put some paper flowers and leaves around

thats me and Tanya Dsouza

the hanging branches are made of paper, curry leaves, creap paper and i stuck them with staplers and glue

This is mine water falls arrangement that we made, along with some water lillies. I like those lilly i made.

and thats the grass (doesn't look like grass) but decorated with the crib animals that my friend got for christmas :LOL

We had loads of fun and not to forget won a 1000 rupees price for it and ended up with a pizza treat :)

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