Tuesday, April 24, 2012

its Not me any more

Sailing am i

I know Love doesn't mean that we need to be together
we can fall apart, stay miles away
 but still love each other so dear an deep
I know you love me more each day
No matter what i look like
i know i am pretty in your eyes
No matter how tasteless my cooking might be
but i know u still love being fed by me
No matter how angry i am
you very well now that a warm hug can make wonders
No matter how bad you hate me
i still know you cant stay apart from me
and each day your love is a elixir and
it increases more and more - But ,
that does not mean u have to get another girl to love me more..

Now seeing you in her shelter
makes me void and deserted am i, in pain of love

Your eyes still shows love even more each day,
but Your heart shows fear for her

sailing m i into the void now
with the anchor of your love
to an unknown destiny

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