Saturday, January 14, 2012

searching u

searching u in the depths of the dregs in me
u where special in  my life,
a special wind that passed few yrs of my life

i am not afraid of missing u tomorrow
i am afraid of missing the U in me that always made me special

I always found me in ur eyes
and longed for that sync for ever between us

life takes us thro forgetful memories
wish my search doesn't end as a forgetful memorie...

I'll f ollow your heart. Regardless of what others tell you to do,
in the end it’s how i feel that matters ..

for the rest of my life i'll be searching for u, and i cant settle with someone like u
some times words are not enough
to say how much i miss u and dying for u inside

so i'll be searching for the U in the depths of me life long

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