Tuesday, January 31, 2012

luv u

Are you lonely, my love

the life in me is kept safe

only in your thuds and lups

can i loves another man ?

Are you in pain, my love

do i need other man ?

Does your soul ache, my love

to know that i

cannot forget that man ?

Do I hurt you, my love

when I say to you

I can't get over that man ?

Can you accept - me

thinkinking of the other man

always, at all times ?

No - I dont want to be

the other woman

in his life...

yet I keep thinking of him

feel so deep for him

and yes - my love

wish to marry him

and hence i

bed him and beget him


like every woman does

for the man she loves

Is it too much of a sin, my love

to love?

Tell me - my love

why do I need him so much

miss him every moment

of my lonesome life

being your love

I need the husband in him

And yet - I know

I cannot do it without you

I cannot choose him over you

I do wish to forget him

and forgive myself

for the sin of being in love

with the brainless him?

Tell me - my love

how do I do this ?

I am directionless...

feeling down and out

Breaking you in pieces

wish I could share ur pain

Too much for the asking

I suppose...

I am being avaricious

and may be impractical

Tell me, my love

when was love pragmatic

when was love logical ?

when did people say

love had a lot of rationale ?

Love was always blind

blind as a bat

love feels with the heart

mind doesn't work

And here I am, my love

at your door-step

in your bloody walls

beside you, in your arms

loving you and yet

pondering over him more and more...

Why did God give me so much pain ?

Why did He fill my heart with

adulterous love ?

Why did Destiny bring me

to this cross-road ?

You are precious for me

yet i burn and toss you up

I hate myself for hurting

you more each day

They say : love is pure,

a feeling

complete devotion

and adulation

for the one man

a woman always loves

and loves for ever...

Is it so sinful a feeling ?

Is it so detesting ?

Do all the women

in this world

feel the same?

So many questions

in mind

for a heart that loves

and loves and loves...

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