Tuesday, February 17, 2015

newspaper weaving

Newspaper weaving :

               There are no proper records of how and when newspaper weaving started but it is said that it's the most easy way to recycle a newspaper that many across the globe do it for either their household use and for sale. I believe this technique would have started in the 19th century as that's when newspapers became very common among people and some one would have gotten this idea of crafting.

               A website namely wisegeek states that "Paper weaving is a popular school craft, particularly for young children. Weaving helps children develop dexterity and coordination and can also reinforce lessons on colors and patterns. It does not take a lot of talent to make a simple woven mat, and young artists of all skill levels can participate and quickly master the technique.". It also states that Ancient Japanese Art of Origami included Paper weaving as well as in Korean traditional crafts. So might be there are the mother to this creation. 

                 Another website (Dickblick) states that ancient basket weaving technique emerged into Paper weaving. It also shows the initial paper weaved technique. see below and if possible the sticky link of that website too. 

                        There are many around the world who have found out different objects that can be made out of this technique. For example, a basket, a bowl, a bag, animals, birds, home decor and this list goes endless. 

                see below pictures of one of the model i made with this weaving technique. 

Lets me share the technique of making the raw material for this weaving technique before I leave. 

 I have used weavers pictures on the internet to describe the technique and the website is linked below for further references. 

weaving reference

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