Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Juli....

When i was 2 yrs old i used to crib my parents to get the doll
that my cousin used to have (she was few months younger to me :LOL)

they searched and searched but could not locate the similar
hence got me a different one that satisfied me and i named her Julie

I used to bathe with her, sleep with her and
nearly do all activities hand in hand with her

I grew and Gradually Julie lost her hair, her color and her cuteness
and i threw her in junk
yet preserved it like a diamond all these years

Now that i am going to be mother myself,
wanted the best memorie for the growing young
so decorated Julie back to normal as much as i could..

Tried fixing her hair with some nylon threads, and sewed her a dress and flowers too..
hope my little laadla does not get scared when he/she is born.. :LOL

Hugs, Jeba