Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wierd Upcycle :)

You wont believe what this is!!

I picked up Sidney Seldons after the darkness book from a second hand store along with some more books. When i reached home and reviewed it some pages were missing actually around 100 pages were missing, and since i picked it up for a cheap rate, i dint want to risk spending for the travel and going all the way to Central (the place were i picked it) to exchange it. More over i wasn't sure if he would replace it for me so i decided to up cycle it!!

 i folded all the left over pages and cut it i the shape of a hut and sketched a heart and wrote all wierd quotes in all it pages..
 this is how it looks, forgot to click a picture of the writing i wrote inside each page :LOL

And there we go the hut shaped letter book was ready and i gifted it to a dear one :LOL