Saturday, January 26, 2013

valentine's card

As days are running closer to Valentine's day couple of friends asked if i can do some cards for their valentines'..

"I shall try"

these are the one's i made....
My camera is not with me, and these pictures were taken in one of my friends phone, so not so good clarity..

Will upload good pics when i get a hold of my camera... :)

Spider quilled heart

Mace's Valentines pink card with a heart

the inside of the card, that i tried writing myself, guess not that bright but i dint have another option....

This's a blue card with a tree with falling leaves and two birds, singing their Love

the inside of the above card in which i quilled two flowers

A blue card with blue quilled flowers, and the below pic is the inside of the card where i wrote the wordings in the clowd and blue heart rain.. Used some spray for the rain effect.. :)

Pink quilled card

This is my favorite, i used thin cardboard sheet and cut a heart in it and used for the front page and boarded the heart with silver 3d glue.. the below picture is the inside of this card on which i quilled a red heart with the word LOVE inside it.. Hope this looks good.. wish i had a valentine to give this card :)

heart and hearts and lot of hearts card :)

In case you want to put your picture before giving the card away you can put it in the center of this card :)

this is my friend Parveen's favorite . she wanted similar one's in red too.. A bouquet of lilac color flowers on a blue card... 

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