Thursday, August 9, 2012

cake decor at office

we had a cake decoration contest at work today

It was funny as i've never done a cake decoration before and wanted to du it out of the box

but it really turned out to be out of the dust bin :)

saw some few cake designs online and decided to add 3 different designs in one thinking it will turn out well

Hostel stay doesn't give any opportunity to cook and hence created a self made recipe for the fondant. 
Luckily one colleague's sister helped us with a lovely self baked pineapple shaped cake

an then my fondant.. 

the cake doesn't look like a cake but it was in-fact delicious. People were scared to eat the fondant thinking it was some thing. Had to eat myself and prove and it was an eatable. Funny :)

at-last my first cake decoration scored a runner up with 11 votes were as the winner had 14 votes. Cool na..

This is the winner's cake.. 

Other cakes that participated where... 

 there were more cake decoration teams that participated couldn't get pics from them :(

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