Saturday, March 10, 2012

Baby Boy..

Baby hold me tight
that i'll never let you go..
and always taste your kisses of care
and remind myself, m your
only favourite girl..
when i see you loving me more and more
my tears fall but rise again
with glory of your warm love..
Your sweetned smile makes me
a special person in this world...
but wondering why those thuds
of your heart, suddenly left me to drain
in those hollow drenches of pain..
i find myself missing in this world Baby
Please return your thuds back in my heart
that i'll feel whole again..
Baby need your presence...
Baby i always want you to mesmerize me with your surprises
 I want you to me trip me ofo my feet with you overwelming care
Ohh, baby where are you.. 
Please come back...

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