Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pain in Loneliness...

A Month has passed away with Sorrow,

And the voice I loved Is heard no more for my tomorrow-and

my today is drowned in the pool of Loneliness..

U where expected by every second of my life,

But u loved loneliness more than me..

I could hold u tightly only in my dreams,

And heart pleads to Christ

To show me the U walking and holding My thoughts in Your eyes..

But only my fists hugs my fingers to caress it,

And your warmth is no were to be found.

Never can I forget u and this pain of loneliness,

For countless memories I have

… once it was U who brought the colorful self of mine out,

Now thou knowing you’re the only cure for my sickened heart

U’ve taken the caress that was around me

And showered it on some one else

Y cant U make another attempt Of forgiveness to stay with-the

Darkness of blossoms in me

As I never forgot to spread the perfume of love only to U……

Y cant U stay to make me feel the presence of U at least in tears..

U know Love, I have lost a compassionate heart,

And there is none to find them back for me.

As U have taken away all the happiness

And goodness in me and I am left alone with a painful lonely tear..


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